Welcome to the documented debate on Bagged Milk vs. Mint Milk

RealQuebec: While I do think of Mint Milk as a respectable flavor, it certainly does not compare to the price difference and quantity of milk you get from buying Bagged Milk.

sockliker22: who puts milk in a bag are you actually not smart. mint milk is the ONLY flavor and i will not stand for any "bagged" milk in my country any longer

RealQuebec: Bagged milk is made by farmers in Quebec and is made for barely any profits, by a company who wants nothing but to make sure the Quebec citizens get milk at a cheap price while also helping farmers make money. Besides, not all people like a mint flavor for everything

sockliker22: do you even understand the mint milk industry? look how much the green cows (mint milk producing cows) sell for in the states. if canada starts producing mint milk we'll improve our economy greatly

RealQuebec: While I do agree that mint milk can be greener than bagged milk, as the bag itself is made out of plastic, I do not believe that there green cows exist and produce mint milk, I think it is flavor added to the milk after they take it from a normal cow

sockliker22: do your research, it comes from green cows. The united states government keeps it secret, documents were leaked years back mentioning the green cows.

RealQuebec: Also, if such a cow existed, and you say that it sells for a lot, we'd have to buy it from the States to start producing it ourselves, and I do not believe that Canada nor Quebec can afford such a cost.

sockliker22: my plan was to declare war, and when we win, obtain the green cows.

RealQuebec: How do you plan to win this war and what if these green cows are just a hoax?

sockliker22: 1. bc i am god 2. they are real

RealQuebec: Let's say, hypothetically, they aren't. Things cannot possibly just go back to normal after that?

sockliker22: even if the green cows are fake. There may be blue cows

RealQuebec: Are blue cows related to Bagged/Mint milk?

sockliker22: no but they would produce blueberry milk which would have equal effects to that of mint milk

RealQuebec: But that isn't part of this discussion

sockliker22: neither is my shit entering your mouth but here we are

RealQuebec: I guess this discussion is over

sockliker22: simply btfo

End of discussion.